Paul Laffoley who recently passed away after a long battle with congestive heart failure will be sorely missed. His complex theoretical constructs were uniquely presented in highly detailed mandala-like canvases and largely scaled to Fibonacci’s golden ratio. This format was quickly employed to explore Operating Systems, Psychotronic Devices, Lucid Dreams, Meta-Energy and Utopian theory. Each painting is conceived of as “structured singularity”, frequently taking him up to three years to complete. His paintings have a tremendous effect and aura. In my personal view, they sometimes look like technical manuals for enlightenment or mechanical forces put on canvas. You often discover the various layers connecting with each other in a colourful landscape. He had an unbelievable understanding for geometry and knowledge about its connection to the universe. His art engages and interacts on a spiritual level. It is fascinating to see this infinite complexity manifested in a modern painting.

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