Burl Audio is a pro-audio company based in Santa Cruz, California, and dedicated to building studio gear that will change your life. And they really do! Besides the beautiful microphone preamps and wide range of other products, their converters have a unique tone that will change your life in the studio. The B2 Bomber ADC in particular…

Once you have worked with this piece of gear, you will understand what a love hug is! However harsh or aggressive the signal that you run through it is, it remains warm, transparent and detailed; like vinyl or tape machine without the noise. The attenuator settings on the front allow you to decide how hard you hit the converters, giving you control over the vibe and depth of your sound.

In modern studio environments, the conversion from analog to digital is one of the most important aspects of the entire process. The B2 Bomber ADC does this job to an industry-leading standard and with a certain character.

All IAIY productions were treated with some B2 ADC magic at the final stage. Analog summed in. Love out.

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