It’s about traveling to a place through open windows. A place where you are, and where your imagination of a better world is manifested. No doubts, no emotions. No rules, no laws. Nothing that could hold you back from being yourself.

This place is real and it exists independently from your being “here.” It gives you the chance to see yourself from an another point of view and it reflects the actions of your daily life. It has its beginning in a time before you came to Earth and it will exist far beyond your final terrestrial experience.

Many of us know these kind of experiences from using various substances. They can also be triggered by smell or by memories. Still, the most powerful way to get there is through meditation. The concentration and the focus on your divinity; to the center of each cell filled with light. The daily practice will let you enter a new world which becomes manifest and real in your everyday existence.

Peace is your new home.

Released March 11, 2013 (Digital only)

1. Yaranga
2. Valery
3. Beyond

Recorded & produced @Flying Carpet Studio (Berlin)
Mastering by Enrico Mercaldi @Time Tools Mastering
Artwork by Florian Fischer