In the audio industry, there is an endless array of instruments and sound processors. Some of them are already classics because of their tonal quality and reliability. Some of them are destined to be future classics.
In our first review, we would like to present one of our favorite units so far, the Bricasti M7.
The Bricasti M7 is a true stereo digital reverb processor. Nothing more, nothing less.
Now you may ask yourself what makes this reverb processor so special, so different from the plethora of other renowned digital reverbs and plug-ins?

Is it just the sound, or perhaps the design?
We would say it’s both and also something more: an indefinable spirit, which is hard to find in equipment these days.
The audio industry is moving at an ever-increasing speed and bringing out new, improved gear with new features and designs.

It’s all about higher, faster, more powerful … as if moving towards some final implosion, an overkill of the superfluous. Everything is overdone and over-designed.
Not the Bricasti M7. We believe that this is gear for life, pure and simple. 
While new things are sure to come along and, in some cases, change the way we create music, the integrity of the well thought-out design that we see in the case of the Bricasti M7 will always survive.

This is a piece of gear that will live forever.