SSL Sigma Delta

There are machines secretly kept by engineers and producers for decades. Even online you might not find much documentation or sound examples but here and there a name will pop up. The Publison Infernal Machine 90 is a truly inspiring and incredible effect unit. Without a doubt in its own league, someone who owns one will confirm you that. A mythical machine of the universe and in a way a manifestation of science fiction from the past. The sound quality and editing possibilities are easy but also a bit limited to modern standards. But what this thing has is pure charm, mostly described as musicality. You will find tons of Delays, Echos, Harmonizer, Pitch Shifters, Reverbs and even a Sampler in this box. Nowadays all of these elements are common in an effect unit and might be not that special but back then it was mind- blowing. The sampler could actually pitch change without really affecting the time signature. That was before Time Stretch existed and, even though it was a bit choppy and not always tight, it was incredible and true magical. Studios and engineers who could afford it back then were loving it for its musical vibe. Their reverb and micro pitch algorithms are still sought after and unfortunately there is no Plug In available today that models that unit. With the constant progress of digital processing in software and hardware technology, the Publison Infernal Machine 90 can look like an outdated machine in a way but it will never lose its magic. A true legend and a “Time Machine” that lets you create sounds you might have never heard before.