Michael Jordan

If you think of anyone who can be called “Supermensch”, in terms of sports and athletics, you might think of Michael Jordan.

Besides all his achievements and huge cultural influence, he truly created a fascination for Basketball all around the world. Looking a bit deeper into that, you will discover that he has that drive, a state of mind where losing is not the dominator, where doubts are not controlling you. He is his own creator and a true artist in that sense. His tremendous work ethic combined with his daily practice pushed him into his better self and manifested championships. All of that drive and power comes from a source which we’re all connected to. The question is how can we get there and stay in that state of consciousness? How can we achieve our personal goals and develop ourselves? How can we push our boundaries and follow our dreams? or even rewrite our so called destiny?

Watching Michael Jordan and observing his physical play, you can see his fluid motions. Everything is a true dance in terms of fluidity and flow. Like music or water. Even when he is not on the court and walks around you can see those harmonic motions. Some people might call it cool but whatever it is, he does it effortlessly. All the way from dribbling on the court to making multimillion dollar businesses. He is a perfect example of when mind and body are in harmony. There is always this focus and sharpness – with the right amount of drive – that will move mountains. You might read this and some thoughts of doubt and critics pop up “BUT what about this or that”. Still, nothing can conquer that force from where MJ is coming. His actions speak for themselves and will overcome lower frequencies (so called negativity).

The fact that he is human and that he also needs to practice love, gratitude and humbleness day by day makes it clear that he too has a high potential of getting caught in his own persona and lost in his own created “false image”. It is also clear that someone in that realm might be always close to madness. So many people were there and couldn’t handle that pressure nor that reality. They literally felt apart and died. It is a huge responsibility that comes with this quality of power. It wouldn’t be easy for us being Michael Jordan and living his life but it can be easy and very fulfilling to be yourself and to be your own Most Valuable Player. Just start to wake up 10min earlier than usual and see how that will effect your behaviour. Take the dance from there… It’s all in you.